Why Best Real Estate Companies In Kolkata Focus On Landscaping

Why Best Real Estate Companies In Kolkata Focus On Landscaping

Often in densely-packed cities, it is hard to come across properties that make extensive use of landscaping. Older buildings had no real concept of it and the newer ones that feature landscaping are generally located in far off areas, on the edges of the city. However, that trend is now changing. Best real estate companies in Kolkata are creating new projects in the middle of the city that focus intensely on landscaping.

That is a good turn of events as landscaping is crucial to creating a thriving atmosphere in a complex for many reasons. Let’s delve into some of the major reasons below-

1. Helps in environment preservation

Every locality has its own set of flora and fauna that adds to its beauty and overall livability. However, these get destroyed with reckless construction, and expansion of cities is one of the prime causes of environment degradation. By adapting the local flora and fauna into its design, landscaping can help preserve the environment while offering green living spaces.

2. Mitigates soil contamination

Whether you’re working in a factory or living in an area that’s not too far from it, you might notice the soil and the environment around it to be highly polluted. The best way to counteract this pollution is landscaping. Growing trees and plants in a responsible fashion in such areas is helpful in mitigating contamination and pollution so you get to live and work in a healthier environment.

3. Makes the air clean

Living as we do in cities where cars and other forms of vehicles are abundant, air pollution is a major concern. Poor air quality can lead to a ton of health problems, ranging from breathing trouble to heart issues and even lung cancer. Reducing the risk of these ailments is possible by adding more landscaping to newer complexes. The leaves of trees and plants alike absorb toxic gases in the air, thus purifying it.

4. Aids in water management

Builders in Kolkata are now more mindful than ever when it makes to conservation of water. Many deveolopers are now building green, eco-friendly projects with rain water harvesting built-in. But that’s not all. Some go a step further and install rain water gardens or centre their projects around the natural lakes and ponds of a neighbourhood to preserve it’s natural water supply, ensure biodiversity and prevent floods.

5. Creates a cool atmosphere

A city like Kolkata gets very hot and humid in summers. You can argue that air conditioners can save you from this predicament, but their CFC emissions are not good for the environment and they can’t help you when you’re out and about on the streets. Having more trees around though can help. According to experts, trees in your backyard can reduce ambient temperature by 6 degrees on a summer day as opposed to a yard without trees.

6. Promotes sustainability

There’s no denying that sustainable living is the need of the hour, and good real estate development companies agree. As we hurl towards climate change, we need ways to slow down the damage that’s taking place and create a more sustainable world where everyone, including nature and its creatures, can thrive in. Landscaping is an effective way to create a sustainable atmosphere by preserving the local flora and fauna and promoting eco-friendly living.

7. Creates a calming zone

At the end of the long day, nothing feels better than the soothing balm of nature. The sights and sounds of nature are known to have a healing effect, taking the stress of the day away and transporting you to a world of calm. While it’s not possible to hit the road and go on a nature trail every weekend, having aesthetically done landscaping in your apartment complex can help to a great extent. The greenery, the water features etc. can combine to create an atmosphere which can help you unwind and forget about the rigors of the day.

8. Increases value of the property

Apart fom all of the many benefits listed above, one of the core advantages of landscaping is that it increases the valuation of your property. If you buy a home or an office in a well-landscaped complex and plan to rent or sell it after a makeover, you can charge extra for the landscaping. Well-landscaped spaces are always in demand too, so finding buyers should not be a headache.

9. Provides for a better view

Depending on the area, cityscapes can be sometimes prove to be an eyesore. You don’t really want to look out your window while sipping your morning coffee and see a barrage of grey old buildings and a sea of transport, do you? Living in a well-landscaped complex can prevent that. A home that places emphasis on landscaping will have beautiful gardens, walkways, lawns and more which would not only be accessible to you but will serve as pretty views from your windows, balconies etc.

10. Protects properties

When landscaping is done correctly and maintained properly, it can protect your property from the rigours of nature and city-life. For example, the harmful effects of air pollution can be kept at an arm’s distance, preventing your property from looking dull and worn. What’s more, since the ecosystem of this microcosm will likely be in balance, you don’t have to worry about extremes of temperature. The important thing is to ensure that the landscaping is well-maintained with no outgrown weeds, broken branches, dirty waterbodies and the like.

To conclude, it’s no surprise that the best real estate companies in Kolkata are placing so much importance in landscaping these days. With all the benefits listed above, landscaping indeed seems like the wisest thing to carry out when planning a new project. So if you’re in the market looking for a new space to rent or buy, make sure to tell your agent that you’d rather have a place with proper landscaping. After all, it’s good to know that you can still be close to nature while living in the middle of the city.

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