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Those that drive Amazon Flex confront a variety of challenges in getting the most out of the app. Because the procedure is manual, a delivery partner may miss opportunities to fix the slots on time and earn money. As a result, for them, MyFlexBot may be the greatest alternative to have because it handles your delivery and you obtain the best output to deliver, which results in saving time and making money.

A person would frequently choose low-paying blocks. From the standpoint of producing money, it does not appear to be the best alternative. As a result, apps like MyFlexBot automate your task, assisting you in receiving the greatest Amazon Flex delivery. It does assist a delivery guy in increasing his earning potential.

All that is required is to integrate the bot with your working app, and it will assign tasks for you.

What exactly does MyFlexBot mean?

In a nutshell, MyFlexBot is a program designed specifically for Amazon Flex drivers to simplify and improve batch grabbing. It does, however, automate the delivery partner’s duty of locating Amazon Flex app restrictions. It selects the order for you to deliver using preferences and filters.

MyFlexBot’s characteristics include:- Assists in block rate acceptance and scanning.
It does provide you the option of selecting a desirable category from Prime Now, Whole Foods, Logistics, and others.
It will select the blocks with the best prices.
There will be a desired duration between each block, making the overall structure adaptable.
It will set your preferred working hours.
Even one can choose how many blocks they wish to distribute in a day.
It also arranges the number of blocks you want to accept in a day or week.
Even SMS notifications will be sent if the block is allowed or denied.
To summarize, the bot helps you manage everything you were doing mentally, and with the AI backing, it brings you the best conclusion possible, which helps one to earn the most money possible, and there will be a working discipline in your life.

How does MyFlexBot function?

MyFlexBot connects to the Amazon Flex app on your smartphone over a proxy server. This builds a tunnel that allows them to operate without interfering with Amazon Flex login credentials. They gain control of your app in this manner without violating Amazon’s regulations and agreements.

To use the bot, however, you must first register on the website and select the best plan for your needs.
If you are still unsure, they offer a 15-day trial period. This gives you two weeks to test the software and see how it can help you do your work better.

The next step is to pay the monthly fee you chose.
It is critical that the user install a little program on the smartphone he or she is using.
It is critical to grant them access to the Amazon Flex app.
It is critical to understand that the user can customize the bot in order to tell it how to work. The work will then be assigned to you as needed.

How can I install the MyFlexBot app?

Follow the instructions to learn how to install My Flex Bot.

Go to and sign in using your email address and password. If you are a first-time user, please register.
Now, choose a subscription package based on your requirements.
The webpage would now feature a link to download the app.
Now is the time to launch the app, and there will be a QR code on the website that must be scanned in order to begin working.
Now, explain the app your plans and how you want to utilize the app for the greatest results.
It is now time to start using the app. Make sure to click the green button. It can be seen in the website’s dashboard area.
Examine your blocks and offers now. Go to the Logs tab on the website to do so.

How can Myflexbot software assist you?

These are some of the best aspects that demonstrate the advantages of MyFlexBot for an Amazon Flex driver.

The bot employs artificial intelligence to scan the Amazon Flex app and assign you the finest blocks.
There is no need to worry about accepting the blocks because it can be done automatically.
If a block does not suit your working style, the program will reject it immediately.
When it accepts or denies the block, SMS messages will be sent to the delivery professional to keep them informed.
It analyses everything to determine how profitable a block will be for you.
It summarizes everything from earnings states to average wage and more. For example, how many blocks have you selected and rejected?
It is beneficial to keep track of how many you have delivered and earned. You may even compare one month to another.

The Advantages of the MyFlexBot App

The platform has numerous functionalities. Here are a few of the best:

Increases Earning Potential: This app gives you access to a number of batches. Because it makes the batch available as soon as it is created.
It will help you save time by collecting batches for you. This saves time and creates more opportunities.
Reduces Stress Level: The application both maintains tasks and reduces stress levels.

What are the Benefits of MyFlexBot?

MyFlexBot has many advantages for Amazon Flex drivers when used correctly.

Accepting and rejecting Amazon Flex app blocks can save time.
It does scan the blocks faster than humans.
One does have a better chance of winning the best blocks and making more money.
You may mix and match the job very well, and it will help you achieve the best results within your preferred working hours.
It does reject blocks that would not result in good sums.
It creates a habit in which you know you will earn more money in less time because someone is working for you.
Because there is time for everything, one can manage his or her prosomal life better.

How does one set up MyFlexBot?

Follow the steps below to optimize My Flex Bot.

First, go to and sign in.
Select the subscription amount.
The download link will now be shown on the website. Download the app using that link.
It is better to open the app and then scan the QR code with your smartphone.
Select the finest filters to assist the app in making the best bargains for you.
Now launch the app and begin experimenting with AI’s capabilities.

How can I set up an Amazon Flex block?

It is not difficult to set up My Flex Bot with Amazon Flex block. Just make sure you’ve chosen the right filters, since this will assist the bot find the best offers for you, allowing you to make more money.

Go to the Settings tab and choose the Amazon Flex Logistics blocks.
Set the minimum and maximum pay rates for delivering a block now.
It’s time to inform the platform about your placements and separations.
Choose the times and dates when you want to work.
Choose if you want Prime Now, Whole Foods, Fresh, or something else delivered.
This is it; the software will now assist you in getting the finest deals and pushing for more money.

Troubleshooting Tips for the MyFlexBot app

There are numerous recommendations and rules that must be followed when utilizing My Flex Bot. Here are a few great tips:

Check to see if your internet connection is operational.
If the resistance persists, you can uninstall and reinstall.
Restart your computer.
Examine your browser’s cache and cookies.
Disable any other extensions.
Contact the support team if you are unable to resolve the problem.


It is safe to state that if one can configure MyFlexBot to the best level, it can help you earn more than you are currently earning. It would charge a monthly fee for it, but the overall experience of saving time, energy, and money would be superior.

And if you work properly, you should have no trouble getting the most out of the software and producing blocks that maximize your profits during the time you want to work. Furthermore, one can study and compare earnings from last month to current month. And they even recognize where they need to improve.

You might also take a 15-day trail to get a better understanding. If you are not getting the most out of the bot, you can contact the support team for assistance. And they would assist you in resolving the issues.

Q Where can I utilize MyFlexBot?
It can be accessed through smartphone, tablet, or desktop. However, for a delivery partner, it is best to install the app on their mobile device so that they may get the best services possible when traveling.

Q Is my Flex Bot legal?
It violates Amazon’s policies and laws. However, many people use it. Until and unless Amazon issues an ultimatum prohibiting the usage of the app, the tool can be used to make more money.

Q: Can I cancel my subscription price at any time?
Yes, the subscription can be canceled at any time. Simply go to your profile and cancel it. If you want, you may come back later.

Q Who owns My Flex Bot?
On the website, however, there is no information regarding the app’s founders or proprietors.

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