Hold Memo Dr – What Does That Mean

hold memo dr

The phrase “hold memo dr” may appear if you are a Chase customer. And initially, it can be rather perplexing. Furthermore, you find it aggravating enough that your transaction is being delayed. There are some outliers, but it rarely remains kept for very long. When I first heard this term, I tried to understand exactly what it meant and why it happened, especially to users who were being chased. Even if I don’t have the ideal answer for this, I’ll do my best to interpret it correctly using both the knowledge I already possess and the data I obtained.

It is important to note that this phenomenon, known as “transactional latency,” occurs due to various factors such as network congestion, server load, or even technical glitches. While it may seem frustrating at first, it is crucial to remain patient and trust that the system will eventually process your transaction. Additionally, staying informed about any updates or maintenance schedules provided by the service provider can help manage expectations and alleviate concerns. 

Know about Hold Memo Dr

Your bank might retain the funds until you deposit a check or want to transfer money using a check or memo. You will receive a notification about it, and “hold memo dr” will be highlighted in red. It typically occurs as a result of the temporary delay the bank makes for the funds to be available. The bank will hold a check for a brief period of time to verify if the check writer has the funds in their account for a transaction or not.

Chase notifies the account holder of a debit transaction that has been held on. The message indicates that a debit transaction is being held owing to an inadequate balance, uncertainty about some data, or fraud. The Dr in “hold memo dr” stands for debit.

Even when it appears that money is accessible on your account, this can happen. You are unable to withdraw them or use them in any other way as a result. If you do, you might have to pay overdraft or refund fee charges. You will suffer more as a result, but the bank will also experience difficulties. And this is what the message means to Dr.

Everything about Hold Memo Dr

That is why Bank has the memo on hand in order to protect you from any potential issues.

It is because of clearance that transactions are sent to your holding account but you are unable to withdraw or use them. Even though your account indicates that you have this sum of money, it’s possible that it hasn’t yet been deposited into your account. It signifies that although the balance is shown in the documentation, the money has not yet been transferred. Your bank will keep the memo on file until the transaction is complete.


This phrase “hold memo dr” typically appears on your account statement if you have made a transaction that is pending or being held by Chase. It serves as a temporary record to indicate that the funds associated with the transaction are being reserved and will be deducted from your account once the transaction is fully processed. 

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