Arthritis: What Should You Avoid Eating?

diet plan for arthritis

It is true that you cannot simply cure arthritis with food, but you can easily eat your way to less joint pain.  You can even start taking a proper diet plan for arthritis and ensure that you have a healthier you.

You know arthritis sounds like a condition, but don’t be really tricked: The term actually includes more than one hundred related ailments that impact your overall joints. It is not something that impacts only the seniors either. Millions of adults and three hundred thousand children in alone of the United States have as a minimum of one type of arthritis, like that of inflammatory arthritis (encompassing rheumatoid arthritis), infectious arthritis (such as hepatitis C), degenerative arthritis (like osteoarthritis), or even metabolic arthritis (gout is also one example).

Food you should not consume 

Of course, there are certain food and snacks that you should try to avoid if you have this condition of arthritis. After all, your health is important and you should never take a chance with it.

Fried and processed food

Fried meat as well as prepared frozen food can be a trigger for arthritis. Baked goods, even pre-packaged meals and snacks are all better dodged. These are the items that contain trans fats that are absolutely added to help preserve them. Trans fats activate inflammation and are present in foods labelled as that of including partially hydrogenated oils. Reducing such foods in your diet can actually reduce inflammation and basically boost the body’s overall defence mechanisms. Fried meat as well as other types of fried foods such as doughnuts and French fries should definitely be avoided.

Omega-6 fatty acids

Omega-6 fatty acids are somewhat there present in corn, safflower, even sunflower, peanut and soy oils. Such are healthy just in small amounts. In excess, these can actually activate inflammatory chemicals. Of course, it would be nice if you avoid them for healthier you. Certainly, you can get arthritis treatment but at the same time it is always advised to avoid the foods that may be unhealthy for your condition.


You know what, Advanced Glycosylation End-products or AGEs are somewhat toxins that come up when food is heated, grilled, pasteurized, or fried. These trigger inflammation and even cause protein damage. Reducing food that is cooked at high temperatures can actually diminish blood AGE levels.

Immense Sugars

High sums of sugars can enhance the levels of ages. Foods including the overall refined sugar such as pastries, even candy, chocolates, soda and even that of the fruit juices also trigger the release of substances in your body known as cytokines that play an important role in inflammation. Other ingredients to be careful about include corn syrup, even sucrose, fructose or even maltose. Sugar alternatives like that of aspartame and sucralose are also taken as or considered by many people who have been informed to avoid sugars. However, some folks are quite sensitive to such types of substances that can actually head to an inflammatory response from the body. Such are the alternatives that are found in diet sodas, even sugar-free candy, low-fat yogurt and even gums.


To sum up, whether rheumatoid arthritis diet plan or anything else; you can be sure that youhave the perfect plan for your healthier version.

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